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Magnetic Proximity Switches and Sensors use a reed switch and a permanent magnet. Each can be encased in a plastic housing for protection and ease of mounting. Magnetic Proximity Switches and Sensors are characterized by the possibility of large switching distances, available from sensors with small dimensions. They detect magnetic objects (usually permanent magnets) which are used to trigger the switching process. Ge-Ding offers a wide variety of standardized proximity sensors along with many custom applications.
Ge-Ding Magnetic Proximity Switches and Sensors Feature:
Matched Magnet with or without housing is available
Various Mounting Methods available: PCB hole, SMT device, Wire and Terminal connected and
   Screwed mounting, etc…
NO, NC, Change Over or Bitable Type available
Reliable Long-Life up to 10^8 operation times;
Various models operate at temperatures ranging up to 120°C,For SMD sensors, the Reflow
   Soldering Temperature can be up to 280 °C.
Excellent insulation; hermetically sealed reed switches
Switches available for use in harsh environments, max operation parameter 250W, 250Vac,
Inductive Distance is flexible by the different materials & shapes of Magnets and kindly of
   Reed Switches.
Magnetic Proximity Switches and Sensors Application:
Apply in Running Machine, Exercise Bicycle, Massage Armchair and other Sports Equipments to control speed or insure safety;
Apply in and coordinate the security system in the windows and doors;
Apply in home appliance of Humidifiers, Air-Conditions, Juice machine, Coffee Machine, Washing/laundry Machine;
Apply in Automobile Counter and Induction Systems of Notebook, Mobile Phone, Scanner, Electric Iron, Door Induction System and other
   advanced technical products.
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