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Relay & High Voltage Reed Relay
Relay& High Voltage Reed Relay consist of a reed switch and coil fitting into a housing. Reed relays generally have a faster response time than electro-mechanical relays, lower coil consumption and smaller size. Furthermore, the switch is sealed in a dry inert atmosphere preventing the ingress of contaminants.
Ge-Ding Relay & High Voltage Reed Relay Relays Feature:
coil voltage 5V/12V/24V available;
Switching Voltage: 500V/1000V/2000V/5000V/7500V/10000V;
Breakdown Voltage: up to 15000Vdc
Switching Current: 3A
Mounting: Wire or PCB mounts
Reliable Long-Life up to 10^8 operation times
Various models operate at temperatures ranging up to 75°C
Relays are usually SPST type
The dimension can be customized.
Relay & High Voltage Reed Relay Application:
Communication equipment;
Control equipment;
Measuring equipment;
Medicine equipment;
X-Ray Therapeutic Apparatus;
X-Ray Inspection Equipment;
High Voltage Transformer;
Insulation and Low Resistance Tester;
Dielectric Strength Tester;
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