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Flow switch
Flow Switch is used to sense the flow of a fluid passing through its valve body and to send an electrical control signal to control the switching unit. In many applications, it is essential to be able to determine whether fluid is flowing in a pipeline, duct or other conduit and to respond accordingly to such a determination.
Ge-Ding flow switch Feature:
Installation: Vertical, Horizonal or Combination of Vertical& Horizonal.
Material: PC, Nylon, Brass
Min Inductive Flow: 0.8 L/M to 16L/M
Min Drop Out Flow: 0.5 L/M to 10L/M
Pressure Ratings up to 4500 PSIG
Temperature range: -40 - 180C
Max Reed switch carry current: 1.5A
Max Reed switch current: 1.0A
Max Reed switch voltage: 250V AC, 250V DC
Max Reed switch power rating: 70VA
Set point accuracy: ±10% max.
Set point difference: 10%
Repeatability: ±2% max.
Mounting thread: Female or Male thread G1/2",BSP 2", BSP 1", BSP 3/4", BSP 1/2", 14G 7/16
Flow switches Application:
Water Heater,
Drinking Machine
Sewage Disposal
Liquid Circle System
Other Equipments to avoid motoring& boiling without water and unsafe problem
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